Without a contract

I usually have a look around the blogs talking about the company where I work and the forums of colleagues around Italy.

Issues are common, regardless of the region: abuse by superiors, low when not extremely low income, arrogance of customers that seem to consider us a step below normal human beings.

What has shocked me the most though was that only rarely the issue about the cancelation of our contract was mentioned. Is it possible that only a few of us are affected by this? I think it’s something very serious and even more so that McDonald’s as an employer association has disappeared without even giving the minimum hope of reestablishing contacts.

What will await us? A brand new contract, certainly worse, maybe bargained with a trade union representing 0,0% of workers? A mysterious company code of conduct, obviously written unilaterally? I know perfectly well that to talk about strike to colleagues that earn 400 euros a month is hard, and even harder if these people are suffering and being blackmailed daily, but I believe it is now the moment to rise and give a strong signal from every city. We must organize and start to hit them where it really matters: appearance and money.


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